UP: Instructions To Prepare At Every Level To Deal With Omicron, Facilities Will Be Available In All Districts

Due to increasing Covid cases on daily basis and on arrival of new Covid variant named Omicron now the threat of pandemic spreading all over the world is once again in front of us. And now in order to avoid this pandemic increasing on daily basis Uttar Pradesh government now came forward to handle this issue in their way. CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath organized an official meeting with Medical officers and Secretary of Uttar Pradesh to plan regarding the spreading of Covid virus further. Instructions have been given to prepare at all levels to deal with Omicron, the new variant of Covid in Uttar Pradesh. Along with vaccination, emphasis has also been laid on keeping normal beds and ICU ready, arranging medicines.

However the new variant Omicron of Covid is said to be less dangerous than the Delta Plus but we can’t let it go simply and we need to handle this. Nevertheless, the State Level Health Advisory Committee has prepared a solid strategy to deal with this new variant. On the basis of the report of the committee, instructions have been given to keep preparedness in all the districts.

Under the prepared strategy the commission has directed the officials to work in direction of controlling the pandemic. According to the commission activities like increasing the speed of vaccination, running cleanliness campaigns, focus sampling, surveillance etc. will continue. In all medical colleges, 100 beds Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) beds have been directed to be checked and kept ready in all cases of emergency. Chief Medical Officers have also been asked to continuously review about oxygen, lab, test kit.

Widen the scope of investigation

These instructions have been given to maintain facilities at 3011 PHCs and 855 CHCs in the state, 73000 monitoring committees to remain active and to increase the scope of investigation continuously. There are also instructions to increase the 1.5 lakh Covid tests being done now to 2.5 lakh and keep samples for genome sequencing in positive cases. The samples for genome sequencing are required to be kept with the officials so that the spreading of new mutants of this Covid can be stopped.