Madhya Pradesh: Commissionerate System Implemented In Indore And Bhopal, ADG Level Officers Will Become Commissioners

Madhya Pradesh government has issued notification of Police Commissioner system in Indore and Bhopal. ADGP level officers will be the commissioners in both the cities. 38 police stations of Bhopal and 36 police stations of Indore will come under commissioner system. The new commissioners will be announced in a week. Home Minister and State Government Spokesperson Dr. Narottam Mishra made this announcement in a press conference in Bhopal.

ADG/IG level officer will be the Police Commissioner in Bhopal. There will be two additional police commissioners to assist them. After that there will be 8 DCP, 10 ADCP, 33 ACP, 1 SP for rural area. Similarly, there will be slight change in the sanctioned posts in Indore. To help the police commissioner in Indore, there will be two additional commissioners, 8 DCPs, 12 ADCPs, 30 assistant police commissioners and 1 SP for rural areas. Under the new system, police officers will have magisterial powers under sections 20, 106, 124, 129, 132, 144, 144-A of CrPC. Some laws like Police Act, Immoral Traffic Act, Motor Vehicle Act, Immoral Trade Act, State Security Act will have to be amended, which are being done at the earliest.

No effect of code of conduct
Dr. Mishra said that the model code of conduct is in force in the panchayats at present. The decision that has been taken is for two metros. There are no municipal elections being held there. Therefore, the code of conduct will not have any effect on this decision.

Courts will be made in the commissionerate
Dr. Mishra said that there is a complete system of commissionerate, which will take shape gradually. Under this, courts will also be made in the Police Commissioner’s office. The whole system will be made. The commissioner has the powers of an executive magistrate, because of this, courts are bound to be formed. If this system is meaningful in Indore-Bhopal, then it can be implemented in other cities of the state as well.

No opposition to administrative officers
When asked whether the administrative officers are opposing the commissioner system in Indore-Bhopal, Dr. Mishra said that this is not correct. Both the officers are sitting next to me. You ask. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has taken a decision, so we are implementing it. There is no dispute among the officers in this. Together they are working to take the state forward. These speculations are being made only in the media.