India May Face Terror Attack From Pakistan In Kashmir Valley; Terrorist Receiving Instructions From PoK

After the rapidly improving situation in Kashmir and the recently released film The Kashmir Files, there has been a tremendous stir in Muzaffarabad of PoK including Pakistan. This is the biggest reason behind the manner in which terrorist incidents are happening in the Kashmir Valley in the last few days.

According to information received from intelligence sources, in all the major incidents happening in the valley at this time, the biggest hand is of Indian network terrorists sitting in Muzaffarabad of PoK. At present, the intelligence agencies of India have kept an eye on the actions of a terrorist sitting in Muzaffarabad, PoK.

There is no leader of terrorists left in the valley

In the last decade, March has been the month where the maximum number of tourists arrived in Kashmir. The statistics of the tourism department show that more than 40 thousand tourists have come to visit the Kashmir Valley in a fearless environment.

Apart from this, due to the positive campaign of the Government of India, the process of settling Kashmiri Pandits who have been displaced in their own country in the Kashmir Valley is going on very fast.

According to intelligence sources, for this reason, Pakistan is trying to spoil the atmosphere once again in the Valley on its part. An officer associated with the Intelligence Department, who has worked in the Valley for a long time, says that now there is no official leader of any major terrorist from Pakistan’s ISI in the Kashmir Valley. After the death of Syed Ali Shah Geelani last year, there was absolutely no person left to harbour terrorism in the Valley.

This is the reason why the ISI has now shifted its terror-spreading focal point from the valley to Muzaffarabad in PoK. At present in Muzaffarabad, the ISI has given the command to spread terror in the valley to a person whose network is already established in India.

According to information received from intelligence sources, this person has also had a relationship with a person involved in the Parliament attack.

Due to his close kinship with the terrorist who was involved in the Parliament attack, the ISI had bet on this man to spread terrorism in the Valley. But because Syed Ali Shah Geelani or the person kept working as a sleeper cell.

Now after his death, it has left the outskirts of Srinagar and reached Muzaffarabad in PoK. Sources reveal that whatever terrorist incidents are happening in the valley, behind it is the hand of this mastermind sitting in Muzaffarabad, PoK.

However, Pakistan-sponsored terrorist organizations did create some small terrorist organizations in Kashmir from Muzaffarabad in PoK. Some other small local boy’s terrorist organizations like The Resistance Front (TRF), The People Anti-Fascist Force (PAAF), Kashmir Tigers (KT) and Kashmir Jambaz Force (KJB) have been formed.

According to intelligence and defence sources, all these organizations are working at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI. All these organizations are separate terrorist organisations of Pakistan’s terrorist organisations Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Jaish-e-Mohammed, apart from organizations like Hizbul Mujahideen.

Senior officers of the Central Intelligence Agency say that the person sitting in Muzaffarabad of PoK, at the behest of whom there is a little stir in the valley at the moment, is on his target.

They say that every movement of the terrorists who carried out the incidents in the valley from Muzaffarabad is reaching the Indian intelligence agency. Officials associated with security agencies say that when the right time comes, the accounts of such terrorists will be equalized.