“When England Wasn’t Able To Make India ‘Congress-Mukt’, How Will PM Modi Do This,” Says Rahul Gandhi: Checkout Deets!

Rahul Gandhi, a congressman from Mumbai, questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to make India “Congress-free” in a speech to party members. Rahul Gandhi, a member of the Congress, questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to create a “Congress-free” India during a speech to party members on Friday, September 1. Additionally, he commented on the “perceived influence of businessman Gautam Adani on the Prime Minister’s political agenda”.

Gandhi spoke about crucial issues relating to Ladakh, the government’s handling of border disputes, and the opposition alliance’s anti-corruption agenda earlier in the day, following the third meeting of the I.N.D.I.A (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance). During the conference, Gandhi talked about his most recent trip to Ladakh and his interactions with locals there, particularly around Pangong Lake, close to the contentious border with China. He asserted that, in contrast to the government’s denials, the Ladakhi people had unambiguously told him about Chinese incursions into Indian territory. Rahul Gandhi proclaimed: “Every single person in Ladakh knows that the people of India and the people of Ladakh have been betrayed by the Govt of India.”

Gandhi also accused the government of putting India’s national interests in jeopardy in its dealings with China, claiming that border conditions had changed significantly. He noticed that even the neighbourhood shepherds were denied access to their typical grazing areas. Gandhi then turned his focus to domestic issues and accused the Prime Minister of having a “nexus” with a particular businessman that involved corruption. “The PM and the BJP are a nexus of corruption,” he said, emphasising that the I.N.D.I.A. alliance’s primary goal was to expose and correct corruption within the government. Gandhi expressed the alliance’s commitment to proposing ideas that would involve the country’s disadvantaged population in its progress, with the goal of creating a more inclusive society.

During his speech, he also outlined two significant steps taken during the alliance meeting. It is first necessary to create a coordination committee and the committees that fall under its purview. Second, the promise to move discussions and decisions regarding seat-sharing as quickly as possible. Gandhi emphasised the cohesiveness of the political parties that account for a sizeable portion of the Indian populace, making upcoming elections a difficult challenge for the BJP. Rahul Gandhi emphasised the significance of developing close bonds among alliance leaders as the alliance is capable of defeating the BJP, which he expressed confidence in. He pointed out that during the most recent meetings, significant progress had been made in building rapport and ensuring that alliance members acted in unison.

“I am confident that the INDIA alliance will defeat the BJP. The real work in this alliance is the relationships that are forged between the leaders of this alliance. I can say with confidence that these two meetings have done a tremendous amount in building rapport among all the leaders and ensuring that all of us work together as one. I can see that there is flexibility among all the leaders in the way we are approaching things,” he said.  The alliance’s efforts to present a unified front against the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections advanced significantly as a result of the meeting on Friday.