UP Polls Results Shows The Fate 2024 LS Polls’, PM Modi Addresses Nation

Colour on the streets turned into a saffron wave as BJP registers a huge victory in four states out of five in the Assembly election. To celebrate the success, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in Delhi.

In his own unique style, PM Modi thanked the people for voting and trusting BJP back in power. He also mentioned that the opposition is just focused on mudslinging Modi’s image to win. “The people of India stand with us, with our mission of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’,” he said.

BJP has won four states including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa in the Assembly elections. But what remains the most important is winning UP. As Modi Ji said, “UP Polls have already decided the fate of 2024.”

PM Modi said that poll results are a reassurance that the vision of BJP and its worker is united and the party stands for the nation first. “Every single BJP worker will work till his last breath for the country and its betterment. This victory belongs to them and the common people who know that BJP is pro-poor, pro-active governance,” he said.

UP Win Restores Faith For 2024

Following BJP’s ideology and that too especially in UP then Hindutva is huge agenda. Be it the matter of Ram Mandir, 80 Vs 20, Kabristan, Abbajaan etc. UP polls saw all kinds of social polarization in the last three months. Yet BJP claims that voters have voted beyond the caste factor.

PM Modi said, “Some gyanis in 2017 said that the 2019 win for BJP was decided post UP win in 2017 only. So it was not special. So I ask these gyanis to say it again openly after today’s win in UP that we are coming back in 2024.”

PM Modi also thanked the women of the nation who has given their constant support and trust. He also said that women voters have always prayed for his good health and long life. It was their prayers that nothing happened to him during the controversial security lapse of PM convey in Punjab.

He applauded the women voters and said, “BJP has won where women voters have outpassed the male voters. Thus reinforcing the fact that they trust BJP.”

PM Modi also congratulated Yogiaditya Nath, a CM who will repeat his term in UP after 37 years. He also said that UP people have opted for development-based politics, not on the caste-communal issues. “UP have already faced the burnt the of caste-communal for years now. It’s time to move ahead as we enter the Amrit kaal on 75th Independence day. We are entering with a vision to make India one of the global powers,” he said.

PM Modi Outlashes Opposition

While speaking of Opposition PM Modi left no accusation behind. From pseudo nationalism to cheap thrills he speaks of all. He also says that the opposition has stooped so low that even they were questioning Operation Ganga and trying to make a regional angle. “For them every issue and welfare schemes we launch, they try to associate with caste, region and religion. That bothers me,” said the PM.