UP Assembly Elections: Samajwadi Party Accuses BJP Over Attack On Swamy Prasad Maurya

Amid the ongoing tussle between the ruling BJP and Opposition Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, former MP Swami Prasad Maurya accused the saffron party of a recent attack on his convoy.

SP shared a video on Twitter and claimed that the attack was pre-meditated and that the BJP was involved in it.

वीडियो प्रमाण है किस प्रकार से सत्ता के संरक्षण में BJP के गुंडों ने यूपी के वरिष्ठ राजनेता, सपा के फाजिलनगर से प्रत्याशी श्री स्वामी प्रसाद मौर्य जी पर सुनियोजित ढंग से हमला किया।
हार की हताशा में पत्थरबाजी करने वालों को जनता देगी जवाब।
हर एक वोट BJP के खिलाफ, हर बूथ पर BJP साफ! pic.twitter.com/J6GQDedLhw

— Samajwadi Party (@samajwadiparty) March 2, 2022

“The video is proof how BJP goons under the ruling party’s protection planned and attacked senior UP politician and SP’s candidate from Fazilnagar Swami Prasad Maurya ji. People will give answer to those who pelt stones in the desperation of defeat. Every single vote against BJP, BJP wiped out of every booth!” SP said in a tweet.

The party supremo Akhilesh Yadav also condemned the attack and said the incident is similar to an attack on every leader and worker of SP ally.

स्वामी प्रसाद मौर्या जी पर हुआ हमला हारते हुए लोगों की अति निंदनीय हरकत है।

ये हमला सपा-गठबंधन के हर दल के कार्यकर्ता व उनके नेताओं के ऊपर किये गये हमले के समान है। सब मिलकर इसका जवाब बाकी दो चरणों में भाजपा को ज़ीरो करके देंगे।
इस सरकार से किसी कार्रवाई की अपेक्षा ही बेमानी है।

— Akhilesh Yadav (@yadavakhilesh) March 1, 2022

“The attack on Swami Prasad Maurya ji is a very condemnable act by the people who are losing. This attack is akin to the attack on workers and leaders of every party of the SP alliance. Together we will answer this by making the BJP zero in the remaining two phases. It is meaningless to expect any action from this government,” Yadav said.

The former UP minister’s convoy was attacked near the Fazilnagar constituency’s Khanwa Patti village. Several SP workers were attacked and many vehicles were damaged. Maurya escaped unhurt.

Maurya accused BJP workers of attacking his convoy. His daughter and BJP MP Sanghmitra Maurya also came in support of his father and criticised her party.

The Fazilnagar constituency will vote in the sixth phase elections tomorrow.