Trudeau’s Political Crisis: Row In Canadian Parliament Over Nazi Salute

You’d think Justin Trudeau’s brain would match his good looks. But think about the most recent disaster that Trudeau has created for himself and is only narrowly escaping.

He hosted World War II resistance fighter Yaroslav Hunka in his House of Commons. It appears that he was unaware that Canada and Russia were actually on the same side of the conflict. This man was undoubtedly a member of the German armed forces. He was an actual blue Nazi and a member of the Waffen SS.

Trudeau and the other members of the House rose to their feet to celebrate the 98-year-old Nazi. Like everyone else, he jumped to his feet to soak in the ovation. Yom Kippur is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, and it was then revealed that Canada had applauded a Nazi on the eve of this day.

Trudeau demanded that House Speaker Anthony Rota quit and shoulder the blame. He acted responsibly and did so. Many people insisted that Trudeau do the same, yet all he had to do was apologize.

The Ukrainian president, Zelenskyy, was welcomed to the House. When it comes to wartime leaders like Zelenskyy, the Trudeau administration is highly cautious about who comes into proximity with foreign heads of state. But the Nazi situation was botched by someone.

It didn’t matter to Trudeau. Quick to shift responsibility to Rota, he did so. As long as he could keep his job, he didn’t mind coming up with excuses. Totally pointless. He’s probably going to apologize again soon.

The relationship between Canada and India is as fraught as that between the United States and India. The two countries’ association has been strained for years since India took fuel from a Canadian reactor to create its first nuclear weapon. Pierre Trudeau’s response to Indira Gandhi’s request that he extradite Parmar for his role in the bombing of the Kanishka airliner was insulting. Pierre advocated for the crown of England’s queen as India’s head of state. The two events were unrelated to one another.

Trudeau’s foreign minister, Melanie Joly, made three comments after he made the Nijjar claims against India:

  1. Canada is interested in finding the truth.
  2. Canadian people are always safe in Canada.
  3. Canada will not tolerate any attempts to undermine its independence.

It’s impossible to take a Canadian leader seriously when she’s advocating the truth about Canada’s role in the genocide of its indigenous people. After all, it was India that gave the world Mahatma Gandhi, the nonviolent peacemaker and evangelist. In addition, does Canada really stand up for its convicted murderers and rapists? Finally, wasn’t Trudeau interfering with India’s sovereignty by backing the farmers’ movement there?

S Jaishankar is correct in saying that the world operates with double standards. After more than a week, Trudeau still hasn’t produced any evidence in the Nijjar murder case. Subtly, he has let go that he has access to sensitive information regarding people and communications.

Trudeau claims he has provided Jaishankar with all the information he has, but Jaishankar has requested specifics. He’s asking his American buddies to get him out of a jam. The U.S. ambassador to Canada has said that his country has provided Canada with “some intelligence,” but he has no further.

Relations between India and Canada are at an all-time low. Diplomatic ties are all that are left at this point. Trudeau is now walking back his explosive accusation. He constantly goes back on his word. It’s too late, though.

Jagmeet Singh, his coalition partner, is making threats. Trudeau has been silent in the face of these and previous calls for violence against Hindus in Canada from Khalistani extremists. Isn’t a Canadian Hindu deserving of your protection, Melanie Joly, or do you choose which citizens to protect based on political expediency? Since the Khalistanis support Trudeau, it is essential to keep them safe.

This is a very unusual occurrence, even in the most underdeveloped Third World countries, let alone a First World country like Canada. Even though his fans, the Khalistanis, have threatened to wipe out all Hindus in Canada, Trudeau remains unconcerned.

The 98-year-old Hunka was not the actual Nazi in the House. Trudeau, at 51 years old, and his followers, including Melanie Joly, were the real Nazis. They are willing to do everything to maintain power, even if it means sacrificing their integrity.

Trudeau must resign at this moment. Before he departs, kicking and screaming, he’ll make everyone pay. Yet he must leave.