Supreme Court Said, “Women Should Get Permanent Commission In The Army”

39 women have got a big victory from the Supreme Court regarding permanent commission in the Indian Army. The Supreme Court says that the Central Government should bring an order to give permanent commission to these women officers at the earliest. In fact, under the long-standing system, women could only serve for 14 years. Due to this, they were denied pension and other financial benefits. Also, they used to reach the rank of lieutenant colonel at most before retirement, but now under permanent commission a woman officer will continue to hold the post till she retires. They will also get pension and all allowances in permanent commission.

Supreme Court Said, "Women Should Get Permanent Commission In The Army"

It is noteworthy that under the Short Service Commission, women can give their services only for 10 or 14 years. After that she retires. In the year 1992, the first batch of women was recruited for the Short Service Commission. Then it used to be for five years. After this the time limit of this service was extended up to 10 years. In 2006, this service was completed for 14 years. On the other hand, male officers have got more rights than women. On completion of 10 years of short service commission, they become eligible to apply for permanent commission, according to their qualifications, but women were not allowed to do so. At present, women are recruited in the army through short service commission, while men are also directly recruited through permanent commission.

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Women have also played their important role in the army and in such a situation it will be in the interest of the nation to give them equal rights as men. Due to the shortage of soldiers in the Second World War, many countries started enlisting women in the army. After the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001, the US and Britain sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, and special contingents of women were sent to these armies, which were named ‘Female Engagement Team’.

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Supreme Court Said, "Women Should Get Permanent Commission In The Army"

If we talk about women as compared to men in the Indian Army, women in medical and nursing in the army are only 11%, while in the Air Force it is 7.30 percent and in the Navy is 3.45%. When a woman thinks of making a career in the army, she has to clear tough examinations and in such a situation, she has to become financially and mentally strong by giving them permanent commission. On getting selected for permanent commission, women will be able to become full colonel, brigadier, and general and at the same time, the malevolent atmosphere inside the army will also end. Apart from this, more and more women will come to the army like in other fields.