Sensodyne Toothpaste Brand Fined Rs 10 Lakh For Misleading Ads

Sensodyne, a leading toothpaste brand, has been issued a fine of Rs 10 lakh by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA). It has also ordered the discontinuation of some of the misleading advertisements too.

In an official statement on Tuesday, CCPA declared that the Sensodyne products which use taglines like “World’s No.1 sensitivity toothpaste” or “Recommended by the dentists worldwide” needs to go off air within seven days.

Why CCPA Banned Sensodyne?

In February 2022, CCPA had passed orders stating the ban of advertisements showing foreign dentists endorsing toothpaste. The ban was valid across the different social media platforms like Twitter, T.V, Youtube, Facebook etc. In these advertisements, the toothpaste was promoted as the world’s No.1 sensitivity toothpaste, by the dentists practising in the UK, outside India.

As per CCPA, the company was not able to submit any effective data regarding the claim made by them in their endorsements. The claim proves to be just a part of creating a false perception among the people to attract more and more customers.

Sensodyne claims to provide relief in just 60 seconds. For this claim, CCPA asked the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) to verify it.

CDSCO reached out to Silvassa, a state licensing authority, which investigated the products under the category of cosmetics. The official statement said, “In view of the communication received from CDSCO and Assistant Drug Controller, Licensing Authority, Silvassa as regards the claim of ‘clinically proven relief, works in 60 seconds’, the matter now rests with the State Licensing Authority, Silvassa.”

At present, CCPA has ordered the discontinuation of Sensodyne products showing the tagline of ‘clinically proven, works in 60 seconds’, ‘recommended by dentists worldwide’, Along with a penalty of 10 lakh rupees.

No official statement from the Sensodyne makers has come up regarding the fine and endorsement discontinuation.