Second Wave Of Omicron Gushes In Europe: Is Coronavirus Rebooting?


The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be rebooting again itself with cases showing a surge in numbers in Europe especially. Though in the last few weeks, the pandemic showed a decline across the globe. But recently, the cases are increasing again in the region of East and Southeast Asia as well as Western Europe.

Although talking about Asia, India is showing a constant decline in covid cases. Not only this, India’s case number is as low as it was nearly two years back. Indeed a great news for India, as according to the government data, the average daily cases in India decreases by 98.9% in Seven weeks time span. This time span ranges from 19-25 January to 9-15 March.

Global trends Of Omicron Surge :

As per data, in the last one week, the rate of covid infection increased by 5% worldwide. The maximum surge of cases is seen in South Korea, which reported 6.2 lakh cases, the second-highest number of cases after the US in a day globally till now.

In the last week, South Korea registers 24 lakh cases, followed by Germany with 15 lakh cases, Vietnam with 12 lakh cases and France with 5.2 lakh cases.

With cases rising again in Europe and East Asia, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warns the governments globally. He said that the rising cases again globally may prove to be a tip of an iceberg and the main reason for this is a sharp decline in testing across many nations.

In China, for the very first time since the initial covid wave centred around Wuhan, the daily cases mark crossed 3,000. China has put lockdown in Wuhan since the second breakdown of omicron. Experts are saying that it can reach the US too. Omicron has affected the US in a big way and led to a death toll of upto 3,500 a day.

Although the death rate in omicron wave have been quite low as compared to first and second wave of pandemic. But, even government needs to more vigilant and should boost the rate of testing. So, that the exact number of cases can be known. Many nations have removed the curb on masks also. But precaution is still important as covid is still not over although we have controlled it too a certain amount.