Russia-Ukraine War: Sanctions On Life-Saving Drugs Likely To Create Miseries For Humanity

Putin might not be swayed by the suffering of individuals. Any interruption of the supply of medicines can create human misery with no gain.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and overwhelming destruction of property and loss of innocent lives, a variety of western companies – from Mcdonald’s to Apple – stopped or severely limited their activities within the country.

One glaring exception appears to be the bulk of western pharmaceutical companies that still supply medicines and equipment.

One glaring exception appears to be the bulk of western pharmaceutical companies that still supply medicines and equipment.

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Western countries that imposed crippling sanctions on the Russian economy aren’t technically at war with Russia. Therefore, unless directed by their governments as a part of the sanctions regime, these companies haven’t any legal barriers to continuing to provide medicines to Russia.

It is also true that any interruption within the supply of medicines will disproportionately affect the foremost disadvantaged members of the Russian society while having minimal impact on the country’s elite and decision-makers.

It is a difficult line to tread, however, there’s a realistic compromise. Essential medicines, as defined by the globe Health Organisation’s Expert Committee on Selection and Use of Essential Medicines, could still be supplied, with all other businesses ceasings.

Medicine includes those that satisfy the health care needs of the population. they’re intended to be available within the context of function health systems in the slightest degree times, in adequate amounts, within the appropriate dosage forms, of assured quality and at prices that individuals and also the community can afford.

This would include medicines for serious chronic lifelong illness, life-saving cancer drugs, antibiotics, antivirals, poison antidotes, pain relief and anaesthetics.

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Western pharmaceutical companies should only supply medicines during this list to Russia and suspend all other commercial activities including local manufacturing of medicines, advertising, clinical trials, scientific collaborations and infrastructure investments.

Medicines not included on the essentials list should be withheld, which include drugs for non-life-threatening complaints like acne, male erecticle dysfunction, cosmetic medications and fertility drugs.

This action would be per both their humanitarian obligations towards Russian patients and their obligations as global citizens.

Any profits derived from business activities in Russia may well be considered tainted by the actions of the Russian government. Pharmaceutical companies that still supply essential medicines to the Russian market should consider donating profits generated by such transactions to established charities closely involved in managing the devastating humanitarian effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the UNICEF Ukraine Emergency Appeal