“People Empowered Me, You Are Snatching Our Rights,” Says Arvind Kejriwal Slams Centre Over Delhi Services Act: Checkout Deets!

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, slammed the Modi administration for “curbing” his authority by enacting the Delhi Services Act and claimed he is accused of providing gifts under the guise of “free ki revdi.” Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, on Thursday lashed out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Modi administration, claiming that he is being accused of providing freebies under the guise of “free ki revdi” while he is actually working to help the middle class and poor save money so they can provide a better life for their families. He also discussed the Delhi Services Bill, arguing that by introducing a notification and ordinance, the government’s authority is being “snatched away.”

“They tried their best to stop Kejriwal from working. They bring notification to snatch away our rights, they bring ordinances, and make laws. Why? I ask why do you have a problem with Kejriwal? They have only one problem. The work they did not do in 75 years, I did in eight years in Delhi,” the Chief Minister remarked addressing a gathering in Om Vihar Phase-5 of Vikaspuri constituency. He emphasised that the national capital has to be made more beautiful. “I tell them to compete in terms of work. You have governments in other states, why don’t you show similar work there? Why are you curbing my powers? The people have empowered me by voting for me. Should I not have the right to work (for them)?” he said without directly naming the BJP or the Modi government.

He said, highlighting the Supreme Court’s decision in favour of the Delhi government: “The Supreme Court said that Delhi Chief Minister should have all powers. They don’t follow the Supreme Court even and overturned the verdict.” “We have again approached the Supreme Court. I have full faith that the Supreme Court will again give a ruling in favour of the people of Delhi. We will regain our powers,” he added, assuring that he will continue to work for the people even without the executive powers.

The Chief Minister made the comments while discussing the construction projects carried out by the Delhi administration. According to him, 206 new roads were constructed in the Vikaspuri neighbourhood, and CCTV cameras were also set up to safeguard the safety of women. “The Congress fights with the BJP, the BJP fights with the AAP. We should all work and take the country forward. The (political) fighting can be restricted to the poll period and after elections, we should not fight among ourselves. We should then focus on working for the country’s progress,” he remarked, as he highlighted the Chandrayaan-3’s successful soft landing on the Moon.

He pledged to provide clean water to everyone in the capital city, especially in the colonies where residents are still receiving dirty water. “We will ensure that people don’t have to use ROs and filters,” he said, adding that a plan is underway in this regard. “We will also clean the Yamuna, we have made plans for it,” the Chief Minister emphasised, as he also promised that the damaged roads are also being repaired.