“Nothing Hindu About BJP…They Will Do Anything To Protect Caste Structure” Says Rahul In Paris: Checkout Deets!

Congress MP said INDIA group will focus on inequality, supporting underprivileged populations, and opposing the concept of caste systems in his Friday address to students at Sciences Po University. Congressman Rahul Gandhi stated “there is nothing Hindu about what the BJP does” while speaking to students at Sciences Po University in Paris.  On Sunday, the Congress made available a video of his speech, which he delivered at the institution on Friday.

Rahul remarked in response to a student’s inquiry on recent “Hindu nationalist rhetoric” “I have not read anywhere…in no Hindu book…from no learned Hindu person have I ever heard…that you should terrorise…harm…people who are weaker than you. This idea…this word Hindu nationalists (for BJP) is a wrong word. They are not Hindu nationalists. They have nothing to do with Hinduism (sic).”  Moreover, he mentioned, “They are out to get power at any cost. They will do anything to get power and they will do anything to ensure that the Indian caste structure…the social structure of my country, is not threatened. They want dominance of a few people. There is nothing Hindu about them.”

At a time when New Delhi is hosting a lot of foreign leaders for the G20 Summit, the former president of the Congress launches an attack on the current BJP government. The Wayanad MP will meet with lawmakers and people of the Indian diaspora in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Norway during a week-long tour of Europe. Rahul further charged the BJP and its ideological fulcrum, the RSS, with “trying to stop expression and participation” of lower castes, Other Backward Classes, tribals, and minority communities while interacting with the students. “For me an India where anybody is mistreated and is being attacked is not an idea that I want,” he added.

Earlier that day, Rahul spoke at a press conference in the Belgian city of Brussels. He backed the Modi administration’s position on the Russia-Ukraine crisis but reaffirmed the position he had previously expressed at Cambridge University in the UK in March, saying: “There is a sense in India that democratic structures of our country…institutional structures of our country are under attack. They are under attack from a group of people who are running India.”