ISRO Confirms Free-Area Quantum Verbal Exchange; Read To Know More

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) currently confirmed free-area quantum verbal exchange over a distance of three hundred miles in the primary stage. The demonstration included staying videoconferencing and usage of quantum-key-encrypted signals. This is a first-rate success for unconditionally secured satellite TV for PC information verbal exchange the usage of quantum technology.

It is stated that some of the key technology had been evolved indigenously to perform this principal feat, which covered the usage of an indigenously evolved navigation satellite tv for pc system, with an operational call of NavIC, a receiver for time synchronization among the transmitter and receiver modules, and gimbal mechanism structures in place of cumbersome large-aperture telescopes for optical alignment

The Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) generation underpins quantum verbal exchange generation that guarantees unconditional information protection with the aid of using the distinctive feature of the standards of quantum mechanics, which isn’t always viable with the traditional encryption structures.


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The traditional cryptosystems used for information encryption depend on the complexity of mathematical algorithms, while the safety presented with the aid of using a quantum verbal exchange is primarily based totally on the legal guidelines of Physics. Therefore, quantum cryptography is taken into consideration as ‘destiny-proof’, because no destiny improvements in computational energy can wreck quantum-cryptosystem

.Freespace QKD was demonstrated at the Space Applications Center (SAC), Ahmedabad, between two vision buildings on campus. The experiment was carried out at night, to ensure there was no interference from direct sunlight.

The experiment was a breakthrough towards ISRO’s goal of demonstrating satellite quantum communication, where ISRO is preparing to demonstrate the technology between two Indian land stations.