Is China Trying To Rule The World In Return For Help? Military Bases Are Being Built In Many Countries

China’s military activities have been increasing rapidly since Xi Jinping came to power. Now only he is planning to rule not only his neighboring countries but also the world. A report has claimed that China is trying to build its military bases around the world. For this he is trying his best. Although only one military base has been officially confirmed so far, China is making every effort to establish military bases in different countries.

China’s focus on Equatorial Guinea and the UAE

China is focusing its full attention on the countries of Central Africa, Equatorial Guinea and UAE. The report claimed that China is trying to build its first military base in Equatorial Guinea. At the same time, its efforts are going on in UAE as well. Recently, the US had even warned the UAE, after which construction work was stopped at Khalifa Cargo Port, 80 km north of Abu Dhabi. The US had alleged that China was building secret military bases there without building the UAE.

Dragon moves on the pretext of helping Cambodia

China demolished two buildings at the Reem Naval Base in Cambodia in October 2020. Both these buildings were funded by the US. Later came the statement of Cambodia’s Defense Minister Ti Ban, who said that China was helping in the infrastructure expansion of the base. The Wall Street Journal report alleged that Cambodia and China had a secret agreement under which Cambodia would continue to provide naval facilities to the Chinese military for 30 years. However, the Cambodian government denies this.

Solomon leased Tulagi and other islands?

Reports suggest that Solomon has also leased Tulagi and surrounding islands to China. This lease is for five years. Actually, in 2018, China had been in a lot of discussion about the military base in the Pacific. In 2019, there was an agreement between Solomon’s officials and Chinese developers to lease Tulagi Island, but this agreement could not be completed.

China is also besieging India

The US has prepared a complete list of potential military bases of China. Countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and UAE are included in this list. This clearly means that China is setting up military bases in such countries, which are located around India. Even in Pakistan, China is investing in Gwadar. Even after this project does not seem to be completed, China is not stopping its investment. There are fears in the reports, China may start using it as a military base in the coming times.