ICMR To Study Covaxin And Covisheild Efficacy As Omicron Cases Goes Up In India

ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) started its research study the on efficacy of Covaxin and Covisheild vaccines against Omicron. The number of cases of Omicron touches 32 in India. The national Institute of Virology [NIV] – ICMR has collected blood samples of patients detected with Omicron variant. This information came in after the press meet of ICMR held in New Delhi headed by Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director General of ICMR.

In Several cases the international travellers coming to India are providing false addresses . Due to which community surveillance becomes difficult to conduct stated by Lav Agarwal , Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry. Such travellers are difficult to trace and therefore their contacts also go unreported thus spreading the disease more fast.

ICMR concern amid Omicron rise:

Dr. Bhargava says that government is monitoring the covid scenario globally, we need not to panic and spread it. He also said that if District level curbs should be implemented if positivity rate is above 5%. Mr. Agarwal also stated that WHO has highlighted that due to vaccination rate going up, people are forgetting masks. We all need to stick to the covid appropriate behavior in order to safeguard ourselves and people around us.

Total number of cases of Omicron Variant in India is 32 at present and Maharashtra has maximum cases at 17. This is followed by Rajasthan 9 cases, , Gujarat 3, Karnataka 2 and Delhi 1. Till now only 0.04% cases of omicron is present among all the variants present in India. Persons infected with Omicron is showing mild symptoms only. Currently total number of Omicron cases is 2936 in 59 countries and 78054 probable cases have also been detected and their genomic study is ongoing.

Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director General , ICMR

As seen the rate of infections is going up in many countries despite the vaccination, shows that we need to follow the covid protocol . Currently in India 8 districts still have positivity rate above 10% like Kerala, Mizoram and Sikkim . 19 districts have positivity rate below 10%. Dr. Bhargava said, Districts and States must ramp up there testing so that scientific evidence for diagnostics and treatment are reviewed regularly. keeping in mind the danger of omicron Mumbai has imposed section 144 for 2 days as 7 new cases came to notice. International Flight surveillance have been increased .

ICMR : India’s Vaccination Drive is providing great benefit

Though Omicron is proving to be very infectious but at the moment India is taking all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of Omicron. India recorded the lowest number of active cases in 559 days which is 93,277. This is a positive sign foe the people of India and the vaccination drive is showing its effect too.


But we can not be liberal in our behavior towards corona. As few omicron detected cases has patients are fully vaccinated and one three and a half child is diagnosed with corona which is a concern. ICMR has said that situation is under control as of now but need to be vigilant enough to stay protected.