Geneva GHO Announced That 274 Million People Will Need Emergency Aid And Protection

On 2nd December, in Geneva GHO [Global Humanitarian Overview] announced that 274 million people will need emergency aid and protection. According to GHO this is 17% more than the last year. GHO stated that in 2021 we reached 107 million people out of 157 million , which is 70% of the target. This year GHO is targeting 183 million people with aid. GHO requires funding of approximately US$41 billion to fulfill this target. GHO is the world’s most comprehensive, authoritative and evidence based assessment of humanitarian needs.

UN Humanitarian Chief Martin Griffiths told that the climate crisis is affecting the vulnerable people first and worst. The effects of climate change are devastating and maybe irreversible too. GHO Chief also said that we are appealing globally so that we can get help for millions who are in need and are at higher risk. Countries like Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Myanmar are most affected.

GHO 2022 Plan summary:

GHO Secretary – General Antonio Guterres told that this year GHO 2022 will include 37 Response Plans covering 63 countries. Specific Plans for countries in GHO 2022 includes – Afghanistan, Chad, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, EL Salvador , Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and Yemen.

The Regional Inter Agency Plan included in GHO 2022 are: Afghanistan Refugee Response Plan , Rohingya Joint Response Plan, Democratic Republic of the Congo Refugee Response Plan , Horn of Africa and Yemen Regional Migrant Response plan , South Sudan Refugee Response Plan and Syria Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan.

GHO Work:

GHO work is to provide a global picture of the current and future trends in Humanitarian zone. So, that action for large scale resource mobilization efforts and to explore more methods to deliver aid effectively.
It provides aid in : Food security, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene , Shelter, Gender Equality, Protection and Education.
According to GHO, its action also adopts to the climate crisis. Famine is still one of the most common problem and 45 million people are affected by it in 43 countries.
In Southern Sudan, almost half million people were brought back from the verge of the famine.
Yemen got more than 10 million people getting aid by medical appointments.
Afghanistan has more than 24 million people in need life saving assistance. This is happening because of repeated economic and political shock in the country. Food insecurity is very high due to worst drought in 27 years.
In Ethiopia, climate shocks, food insecurity, disease outbreaks together puts 25.9 million people in need.


Factors Affecting Growth of GHO Aid

GHO reach is hampered by many issues . some of them are – Insufficient funding, Political Insecurities, violence against the workers of GHO, Counter terrorism, pandemics like Corona, flight suspensions, lockdowns, conflicts etc . Due to all such reasons reach of humanitarian aid is also decreasing.