Vaccination Drive To Delay Or Not?: Booster Dose Open At Private Centers Only

Booster Dose is now open to all adults from 10th April 2022 onwards as the centre approves it. As per the guidelines, the gap between the second dose and the third dose needs to be a minimum of nine months.

But talking of the free vaccination programme, vaccinating the adult population of India with two doses will remain unaltered. Along with this, the booster dose for senior citizens, frontline workers, and healthcare workers will continue at a much higher pace.

The Union health minister Mansukh  Mandaviya tweeted the centre’s decision of elaborating the vaccination programme “Adding an extra layer of safety! precaution dose to be available to 18+ age group from 10th April 2022 at private centres. All 18+ those who have completed nine months after the administration of the second dose would be eligible for precaution dose.”

Booster Dose Challenges

We are already lagging behind in vaccinating our adult population, which was supposed to be done by 31st Dec 2021. This includes only two doses of the vaccine shot. But the new additions in the vaccination programme are keeping it behind the target.

The choice of booster shot remains the same as that of the original vaccine. No mixing of vaccines is allowed. As per data from the MoHW, more than 2.4 crore booster shots are administered from 10th Jan 2022 to date.

But one more thing to remember is that now adults between 18 and 60 will have to pay from their own pocket for the booster shot. As the shots will be directly available for administration at private centres. Administration of booster shot doesn’t need any registration on COWIN App.

Vaccination Drive Data Till Now

Till now India under its Vaccination Drive has given more than 185 crore jabs in total. But it includes all like booster dose, dose for teenagers, for 12-15 years children too. If we talk about the choice of vaccine then Covishield remains at the top with 83.3% jabs. Whereas Covaxin is taken by 16% of people only.