BJP To Hold Nationwide Protests Today Over Pak Minister’s ‘Derogatory’ Remarks Against PM Modi: Details Inside!!!

On Saturday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will stage massive protests over the “derogatory” comments made by Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari against Prime Minister Narendra Modi that have angered the nation. “The protests will be held in all the state capitals across the country. BJP karyakartas will burn the effigy of Pakistan and Pakistani Foreign Minister and will strongly condemn the shameful statement of Pakistani Foreign Minister,” BJP stated in a statement on Friday.


This indignation is in response to the slanderous statements made by the Pakistani foreign minister at a news conference at the United Nations in New York. The BJP called Bilawal Bhutto’s comment “extremely insulting and full of cowardice,” and claimed it was made to deflect attention away from Pakistan’s crumbling economy, lawlessness, and disorder. “The statement is also aimed at misleading the world and diverting global attention from Pakistan’s collapsing economy, lawlessness and anarchy in Pakistan, simmering differences in the Pakistani army, its deteriorating global relations and the fact that Pakistan has become the major sanctuary for terrorists,” it stated.

A demonstration against Bilawal’s statement was organised by BJP members outside the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi on Friday. The BJP claimed that while Pakistan is receiving criticism from even tiny countries, India’s foreign policy is being praised globally. “On one hand we have our Prime Minister Narendra Modi under whose leadership India has left its indelible mark on various global fora, and on the other hand, we have Pakistan which has faced ridicule and insult on various international platforms. On one hand, India’s foreign policy is being appreciated globally, while on the other hand, Pakistan is facing backlash from even smaller nations,” the BJP stated.

The party said that everyone witnessed how even Pakistani students were saved during the PM Modi-led rescue operation that took place during the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. The BJP claimed that Bilawal Bhutto’s use of language is abhorrent and goes beyond what is acceptable in public discourse. It does not reflect the true spirit of statesmanship. “Does Bilawal Bhutto even have the stature to comment about our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji who is a true statesman and a highly respected global leader! This demeaning statement of Bilawal Bhutto had further lowered the image of Pakistan on the global platform,” it added.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) further condemned the Foreign Minister of Pakistan for his “uncivilised outburst” toward Prime Minister Modi, claiming that “these comments are a new low, even for Pakistan.” “Pakistan foreign minister’s frustration would be better directed towards the masterminds of terrorist enterprises in his own country, who have made terrorism a part of their state policy. Pakistan needs to change its own mindset or remain a pariah,” In response to questions from the media, MEA spokeswoman Arindam Bagchi stated.